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1860's Farmhouse was in need of a complete landscape to better suit the new owners taste and living requirements. The intention was to create a open resort style pool garden for regular entertaining and a relaxed atmosphere for raising a family without the need for a cottage.

Mass plantings blend with the countryside surroundings of the property and enhance the extensive natural views in the backdrop rather than compete. A post and beam covered gazebo with vaulted ceilings was included in the design to create a sheltered outdoor lounge for evenings poolside or an escape from the sunny patio space. The existing deck was too small and was in need of some modifications – it was extended, the railings were removed and a large full width extra deep set of stairs were added to create a more open concept. It was finished off with a solid stain to blend the old and the new!

The existing pool with the traditional 3' concrete apron was in terrible shape and needed to be completely renovated – new steps, liner, coping, plumbing, pool equipment, 3" natural stone coping, and a 3000 sq ft flagstone patio were used to update the space. A custom concrete spa was designed to create a more natural appearance to the garden and it was tucked beneath a mature stand of Pine and Cedar, then planted with ornamental grasses and hemlock to create a native appearance to the spa area.

At the front of the house the overgrown planting was removed and the new garden was designed with a relaxed English country garden approach including traditional perennials, shrub roses, Dawyck Beech trees, and two clusters of Bloodgood Japanese Maple to anchor the ends of the large garden.

The side entrance was in need of a major overhaul! The original covered porch footings had collapsed and the roof was badly sagging, the garden was beyond recognition and the drainage was terrible. We started by re-constructing the side porch with as much sensitivity to the original architecture as possible. We added a new stone pathway and stone steps, and after re-grading the area to improve the poor drainage – we added a new garden including more Beech, Yews, Boxwood, and Hydrangea to continue the tidy yet relaxed countryside landscape feel created in the front garden.
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TBG Landscape is an award winning company that specializes in Landscape Design & Build, Excavation & Soil Manufacture, and Tree Nursery & Spading for a range of commercial, municipal and residential clientele. With a track record of quality projects always delivered on time and on budget, TBG has been recognized over the last several years with multiple awards for our commitment to quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and innovative design.
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